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What we LOVE about an Aussie Easter

by Megan Portas on Feb 27, 2023

What we LOVE about an Aussie Easter

Easter is almost upon us again, and while getting ready for this year, we are also reflecting on what Easter means to us as Australians.

Easter is a wonderful time of year and here are our top 5 things we at Kippley LOVE about an Aussie Easter.

1. Chocolate

While people from other countries may argue, we think we have some of the best chocolate around. Haighs, Darrell Lea, Cadbury, all the chocolate! 


2. Road Trips

Easter Road Trip

Fill up the tank, grab the car snacks, seatbelts on, radio up... time for an Easter road trip! Head out for the day to the beach or for the whole long weekend. A classic Aussie Easter road trip is always worth the drive. 


3. Camping

Easter Camping

An Aussie Easter tradition that goes hand in hand with road trips. The weather is cooler, but the water is still warm enough to swim - Easter is the perfect time to camp. Snuggle up around the fire, look at the stars and enjoy the holiday. 


4. Aussie Animals

Easter Bilby

We adore including our amazing Australian animals in Easter festivities. Our favourite is the Aussie Easter Bilby! No need for an Easter Bunny down under. We also love reading Easter

There is a reason our Easter theme is Bilbies :) 


5. Family

Easter Family Time

Nothing beats family time at Easter. 


Happy Easter All!

What do you love about an Aussie Easter? Drop us a comment below!

Love Kippley xx

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