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The Easter Bilby

by Megan Portas on Mar 14, 2023

The Easter Bilby

Easter is an exciting holiday that is often associated with bunnies and chocolate, but have you heard of the Easter Bilby? While not as well-known as the Easter Bunny, the Easter Bilby is an important part of Australian Easter traditions. Let's take a closer look at the Easter Bilby and its significance.


What (or who) is the Easter Bilby?

The Bilby is a small marsupial native to Australia. It is similar in size and appearance to a rabbit, but has longer ears and a pointed snout. The bilby is an endangered species and is under threat due to habitat loss, predation by introduced species, and other factors. In an effort to raise awareness about the bilby and its plight, the Easter Bilby was created as an alternative to the Easter Bunny in Australia.


Why is the Easter Bilby important?

The Easter Bilby was first introduced in the 1990s as a way to promote conservation and raise awareness about the bilby. The bilby has become a symbol of Easter in Australia and is used to promote chocolate and other Easter treats. Some companies have even created chocolate bilbies as an alternative to chocolate bunnies, with a portion of the profits going to bilby conservation efforts.

We love to support the Save the Bilby Fund, too! 


How is the Easter Bilby celebrated?

The Easter Bilby is celebrated in a number of ways in Australia. Many companies now sell chocolate bilbies alongside traditional chocolate bunnies, and some families have even started incorporating bilby-shaped cookies and cakes into their Easter celebrations. You can also buy bilby toys, books, clothing and ears. Each year, more businesses are incorporating the amazing Easter Bilby in their product range and promoting the conservation of these wonderful animals. 


The Easter Bilby is an important part of Australian Easter traditions. By promoting the bilby, Australians are celebrating their unique culture and promoting conservation efforts to protect this endangered species. So this Easter, why not consider adding some Easter Bilby goodies and traditions to your Easter this year? 

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